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Zero Blind Spots. Winning Game.

Today’s tools fall short in identifying critical patterns around cheating, churn, UA fraud, player skill level, and more.

Quago turns in-game device sensor data into powerful insights and predictions that empower successful gaming businesses 


Setting a New Standard of Precision

  •  Who is on the verge of churning?

  • Who among the newcomers exhibits high playing skills?

  • Identifying the culprits: Who are the cheaters?

  • Uncovering the tactics: What types of cheating are employed? 

  • Unveiling hidden risks: Which advertising channels or campaigns are involved in fraudulent CPA despite the examination of  UA fraud protection tools?

These questions can be accurately answered ONLY by adding sensor-based in-game behavioral biometrics and insights to the blend- Quago ML patent pending uses pattern analysis of signals coming from the device sensors, while the player engages in the game. The result: Real-time Insights with unmatched precision around churn prediction, inauthentic play, cheating, CPA user-acquisition fraud and more, Insights that today's tools struggle to provide at all or with reasonable accuracy

Privacy Compliant Game Analytics

As we avoid the collection of any personal identifiable information (PII), privacy is fully kept

Behavioral sensor-based insights 

By  capturing and analyzing player behavior such as tapping patterns, movement speed and acceleration, movement consistency and morewe  compensate on the limitation of today’s game-analytics technologies that are based on demographic and event-based data.  

Mobile Gaming Expertise

Working in the  gaming industry for years, We understand what it takes to create successful games and how to use data in order to maximize the bottom line. We also know what data insights are still missing. That’s why we built Quago. 

UA, retention and monetization solutions 

Churn, cheating, fraud, wrong segmentation - all these factors impact the bottom line. The quago technology is used to minimize CPA fraud, fix skwed analytics, avoid wrong matchmaking players with different skills, predict and prevent churn, stop commercial cheating, optimize monetization strategies and much more

Particles bouncing inside a sphere, leaving a trace_edited.jpg

Tailored to Online Gaming
and Esport

  • Cheat detection and management, such as commercial cheating, Modded APKs and IPAs, scripts, AIMbots, wall hacks, speed hacks, account sharing, IAP abuse, and more. 


  • Retention and monetization optimization - Churn prediction, cross-promotion optimization, pLTV scoring as fast as within 24 hours from the first play, accurate segmentation, fatigue, and stress analysis - all in real time. 

  • UA fraud- post-install fraud (CPA-based) that can’t be identified by install-based fraud protection tools, with a patten-based report that can be sent as evidence to the user acquisition channels, for reimbursement purposes. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years in Gaming


Games Analyzed


Players Analyzed Daily


Behavior Parameters Tracked


Patents Pending

Wave with Dots

The Missing Element in Game-Analytics

Top-tier gaming brands already use Quago as an enrichment layer, ensuring they don’t miss on critical insights driven from the device sensors during the playing session, in real-time: 

  • Real-time insights and data-based evidence: Authentic player verification, skill level, cheating, and more

  • Accurate behavioral predictions:

    • pLTV for engaged and new users (as fast as 24 hours from the initial session) 

    • Churn prediction (patent pending ML technology) 

    • Engagement levels

  • Accurate detection and management of inauthentic play strategies: 

    • Emulator / joystick / external input devices detection (patent pending technology) 

    • Fake users, automated scripts, and commercial fraud detection 

    • Account selling/sharing detection

  • Player skill score and frustration level identification

  • Player behavioral segmentation

  • Manual CPA fraud detection 

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