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Zero blindspots - Unmatched precision 

Our Solutions

Authentic Play Certification

Before anything else, know that your players are playing authenticly with Quago’s Authentic Play Certification.

Monitor the following use cases and more:

  • Win trading
  • Grief play

  • Account sharing

  • Unauthorized game controllers

User Acquisition with Predictive Analytics

UA campaigns are never measured only by number of installs. What matters most is the eventual ROI/ ROAS of sources and campaigns.  

Today’s post IDFA world poses a significant challenge to MMPs and marketers who can’t properly measure KPIs in order to optimize campaigns.

Quago’s predictive analytics allow marketers to assign the proper KPIs to source, channel or campaign, within the first 24 hours, while maintaining perfect user privacy. 

Monetization with Predictive Analytics

While only 2%-3% of your players are expected to make an IAP, the rest could still be monetized through ad revenue.
Quago’s user segmentation tool classifies players into those two categories of monetization,
within the first 24 hours, so that monetization managers can take a custom approach for each of the groups and show ads to players who are not expected to make any purchase, boosting ad revenue and therefore the general ARPU.

Retention with Predictive Analytics

It makes sense to focus on retaining your players rather than putting all your resources on bringing in new players

Quago’s predictive analytics enables you to know which players are about to churn so you can apply timely intervention or resort to cross marketing. We segment players to “Home Gorillas” vs “Nomads” and tell you in real time which players are your future whales.  

Why Choose Quago?

At Quago, we believe in providing the best AI solutions to our clients. Our platform is easy to integrate with your existing ecosystem, and our customized solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our predictive analytics and Behavioral Biometrics Technology, you can make data-driven decisions and improve the gaming experience for your users. Operating on a big scale, analyzing a mass daily active player base, this platform is battle tested.

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